• Canadian exclusivity, granted by Albania.
  • Our "comprehensive package" takes away the guessing.
  • Adoptionworx is committed to service excellence and an individualized, personalized delivery program.
  • We are pleased to have a Legal Consultant in Albania. As the adoptive parents\' Power of Attorney, she will guide clients through the maze of legalities and adoption finalization requirements, in conjunction with the Executive Director.
  • The consulting lawyer will escort you to court and guide you through the process in Albania. She has provided legal services/advices to many clients, foreign and domestic.
  • We will arrange for accommodation for you in a safe, centrally located apartment, or hotel, close to the Embassies.
  • You will be picked up at the airport.
  • We deal with the decision makers in Albania directly. We do not communicate through added layers of government, nor do we partner with other agencies. Albania is a signatory to the Hague Convention.
  • We communicate regularly with you and Albanian governmental officials.
  • Our fee also includes the Albanian translation, notarization & legalization of your dossier, when it is initially sent overseas. Additional in-country costs are specified in the services agreement.
  • We take care of arranging your flights, using an agency that specializes in travel to Albania and neighbouring countries. They regularly notify us of airfare specials and are 15 minutes from our office.
  • Adoptionworx is delighted to include in their package, exclusive adoption assessment services from a highly regarded developmental paediatrician, located in Toronto. She is available to perform the medical assessment, when the child\'s referral video and social/medical information arrives. Our specialist is currently on staff at the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and at St. Joseph\'s Health Centre, Just for Kids Clinic. Our adoptive parents receive a written report, a telephone consultation and growth charts that have been prepared by the doctor using the child\'s information. However, parents may use the services of any doctor of their choice.
  • Our Board of Directors has included the former Honourary Counsel of Albania. We have an advisory committee of professionals that includes doctors, educational and developmental consultants, and professionals who have lived and/or worked in Albania.


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