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We are an Ontario Ministry licensed and accredited international adoption agency, located in Toronto, Canada. Our privilege and mandate is to facilitate the adoption of children born in the Mediterranean country of Albania to loving families in Canada.

Adoptionworx is Canada\'s only agency to have an exclusive legal agreement with the government of Albania, its adoption authorities and Chairwoman.In 1999, we adopted our beautiful, healthy daughter from Albania. She was the first child of Albanian birth origin to be adopted into a Canadian family. At that time, we made a promise to her, "although she was the first in Canada, we promised her that she wouldn\'t be the last." Since that day, we worked diligently to negotiate a legal agreement with the Albanian authorities; one which would respect the rights of the children, satisfy our respective countries\' licensing, legal and immigration requirements and honour the traditions of Albanian culture and commitment to family values. Our collective background and expertise in culture, customs, language and lifestyle provide for a comprehensive and highly personalized service to couples adopting from Albania.

Our mandate is focused and simple. We facilitate adoptions from one country only -- Albania.
The adoption process is an intensely emotional journey, often filled with unexpected turns and unanticipated challenges at many levels. We understand, because we\'ve been there and have taken measures to ensure a safe, enjoyable and successful experience.

Now... please follow the road, which begins in your hearts, on a journey that will take you to a tiny, Mediterranean country with just over 2.5 million people. Despite its diminutive size, Albania is rich in distinctive cultural and family traditions, proud history, and warm, inviting, family-style hospitality.

Victoria O\'Toole

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