Adoption breakdowns have not been a concern to date, according to the Albanian Adoption authorities. While it is imperative that parents fully comprehend the possible, documented effects of orphanage life on young children, it is also important to note that the favourable caregiver-to-child ratio in Albania, in conjunction with the small numbers of waiting children, affords a significant contribution and advantage to the children's emotional development.

Children receive the standard, age-appropriate inoculations, and are tested for HIV and TB (as are adoptive applicants).


Historically, Albania is and remains, primarily a Muslim country. As such, it is still not generally socially acceptable for women to drink, other than to mark a festive occasion or social celebration. Culturally, it remains a social norm that is very much intact, and hence, there are no formalized reports, to date, available to support the existence of FAE and FAS as a health issue. While it is not possible to exclusively guarantee the absence of a medical/health issue, suffice it to say that the overall risk in Albania of alcohol-related health issues would be definitively and substantially diminished.


As in any population, there are children with exceptionalities in Albania, residing in the orphanages. Should you wish to consider adopting a special needs child, kindly contact the Executive Director.



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