When a match is made by the Albanian Committee of Adoptions, the Agency will receive the referral package, which will usually contain the following:

  • A 15 minute video of the child, showing him/her in the orphanage interacting with his/her caregiver and other children. There are usually several close-ups of the child.
  • The child's weight and height at birth, and at some other point when available. Head circumference is given, when available.
  • A social and medical history that usually includes a record of inoculations, results of standard blood tests, and a record of illnesses and treatments given, when available.
  • Known circumstances of birth and information concerning the mother, when available. As well, sometimes the situation of abandonment is included.
  • A social, emotional and developmental history/documentation of what the child is able to do. There is usually a comment on the child's temperament.

Bear in mind, that European countries may have different methods and standards of documentation. Also, availability of information may vary depending on the orphanage, and the circumstances by which the child came into care.

The video is an invaluable tool for developmental assessment by a paediatric developmental specialist. As part of our comprehensive package, one comprehensive medical assessment of the referral package is included in your fee.


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