• Traditional Couples that have been legally married for at least 2 years - longer is preferred. Proof of marriage is required.
  • The accepted age range is: 25-50 years, at time of receipt of dossier abroad.  Applicants, where one parent is very slightly older may be considered for an older child.
  • No criminal record or pardons
  • The overall physical + emotional health of the couples should be very good. There are certain medical conditions, past and present, and use of therapeutic/psychotropic drugs that will preclude eligibility for the Albania program. Disclosure is of utmost importance. Lack of it could result in disqualification.
  • At this point, applications from singles are not being considered.


  • Time to Referral/Child Proposal
    After your dossier is sent to Albania, you may generally expect a referral/proposal in 30-42 months. This is a guideline, and timelines may are subject to availability of children, at any given time. Parents should be prepared for the times when there are fewer children available and look at the upper end of the waiting time, with perhaps some extra time added to it.
  • Travel Requirements
    This is a 2-trip process, you will travel to Albania approximately 1.5-2 months after receipt by the Albanian authorities of formal acceptance/consent of your referral, and after a court date has been determined.
    The first trip is approximately 20-23 days in duration, with two court dates for both adoptive parents to attend during this time. There is a waiting period for due diligence, document processing and delivery, approximately 6 weeks following the second court hearing. The adoption is finalized after the waiting period. Couples travel back to Canada during this period.
    The second trip is approximately 11-14 days. The agency decides on the length of time for this trip. It is during this time that the bulk of the paperwork is completed, including Citizenship/Immigration (CIC) requirements and finalization of the adoption in Albania. 

Note: Both parents must be present for the court hearings during the first trip. Only 1 parent need be present for the 2nd trip to bring your son/daughter home, if it is not possible for both to be present. Some couples have elected to bring another family member with them or there may be the option of the Executive Director travelling with the adoptive parents at their expense.


Adoptionworx and Albania do not use escorts,
and will allow no substitutions for parental presence in court

Adoptions are finalized in Albania. Albania is a signatory to the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children.

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